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Restore funding to core public services

  • Education—increase teacher and support staff pay to regional averages through sustainable revenue streams and increasing funding for classrooms to lower student/teacher ratios and ensure access to quality instructional materials

  • Infrastructure—Explore new technologies to increase the longevity and quality of Oklahoma roads and bridges

  • Health—fund health systems for all citizens of the state equitably and with sustainable revenue streams, ensuring access to quality medical care for rural and urban communities

  • State workers—increase wages to regional averages, accounting for position, qualification, and experience


Increased economic opportunity and equity

  • Better paying jobs for all citizens—raise the minimum wage to a living wage; raise wages for skilled, certified occupations to regionally competitive levels

  • Raise median household income to a level equivalent to our Gross Domestic Product

  • Improved infrastructure and education to bring business back to OK

  • Improved access to vocational training and higher education—raise the state contribution to public universities and vocational programs

  • Strengthen state certification standards for highly skilled occupations

  • Improved worker safety—improved workers compensation—revisit prior models to protect workers over protecting corporate interests

  • Equitable tax burden for business to ensure that no single industry is carrying the load, but that all industries using our resources invest back into our state


Criminal Justice reform

  • Prevention through education—stop the school to prison pipeline

  • Resources for incarcerated individuals to complete educational and vocational programs—provide work programs for newly released individuals to gain experience

  • Rehabilitation and jobs programs for non-violent offenders—recognize addiction as a medical issue and not a criminal issue

  • Stop debtor’s sentencing and remove ourselves from the for profit prison system


Hoxie for House 2018
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